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we provide to customers and businesses around the globe.

Our Identity

Our identity as an online classifieds site started to develop in January 2014, launching as a local Perth classifieds and community site. We have since come a long way going from local to international covering 5 different countries. The Hot Wire concept originated from Germany as a local newspaper becoming one of the most popular news and ad papers in Europe. We aim to provide a great experience for locals and travelers across the globe on easy to use professional online platforms. Whether it’s arriving in a new neighborhood, needing help getting started with accommodation, employment, transport or just looking for a site to sell or buy on, The Hot Wire is there to accommodate.

Our Display Options

Technology doesn’t stop. This means we adapt and accommodate our customers with the latest features on our sites. Whether you are using a desktop, smart phone or any tablet device our sites are fully responsive to make the browsing experience far more enjoyable. We also take high priority in the appearance of our sites and our design team does a great job regularly updating with new designs. We also want to thank all the customers for sending us their feedback and support to shape the sites of where they are today.

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Business Opportunities

We provide businesses the opportunity to connect with us. For example by using parts of our web space as an advertising & promotional tool. We have several Display Advertising Options and ample space available. Click Here for more info
If you are a Marine Broker, Car Dealer or Realestate Agent and would like to display a larger amount of listings on our sites, we have cost-effective subscription packages. In addition we offer free assistance during placement and registered businesses receive bonus features for their listings (terms apply). Click Here for more info

For Our Customers

Customer Service for us is our main priority. With the internet today being so impersonal, we strive to have a personal relationship with every new member that uses our sites services.

Our customer service consultants are schooled to be the best and we don’t take any short cuts along the way. In addition we provide features that not only make the customer’s life easier but set us apart from other ordinary online classifieds sites.

Play an active part in HWC's Development & Future

From a customer to an active member, we want you to brainstorm with us to continuously shape and improve our features.